Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How To Choose Zumba Shoes for Women

Zumba craze is travelling all over the world, and it has become so popular nowadays... Zumba is the whole complex which combines several dance styles and aerobics. Zumba moves are taken from different dance styles, among them salsa, mambo, merengue, cha-cha, cambia, belly dance, samba, bhagra, tango, hip-hop, flamenco, and foxtrot. Aerobic activity is supported by specific rhythms of the music. Of course for such kind of activity you need proper shoes. So, if you are one of those who fell in love with Zumba fitness, and are looking for an advice on choosing Zumba shoes, keep reading.

Proper shoes are, may be, the most important part of your Zumba outfit. Not only would they help you do all the moves more correctly and burn those calories quicker, they also would protect you from the injuries during workout. There are many points you should consider when choosing your Zumba fitness shoes, and here are the main advice while choosing shoes for Zumba:

- Try not to use your running or gyms shoes. The thing is that they are designed for other activities and because of that they have a great deal of grip. Zumba requires a lot of sliding and spinning. Running and gym shoes would not only be uncomfortable, but also dangerous. You risk getting ankle and knee injuries, and also blisters.

- Pay attention to shock absorption and weight. Zumba shoes should be lightweight and highly shock absorbent. While there are many models of dancing or aerobics shoes which fill the first requirement, very few of them have good shock absorption, which could result in injuries if using them for Zumba.

- Pay attention to the sole. It should be completely flat and smooth, once again, to avoid injuries.

- Pay attention to how your feet fell in the shoes. Comfort and cushioning is very important. Remember, you are going to perform very intensive activity for almost an hour, so it's very important to feel comfortable.

- Don't save on Zumba shoes. Don't go for the cheapest option - it may not be what you need. Try the brands you trust, like Nike, Ryka, Bloch or Z-Sneakers.

- Choose mesh over synthetic leather - Zumba shoes should be highly breathable and able to trap the moisture for added comfort.

There are many proper shoes on the market, so do your research in different online stores.

Zumba is the biggest and the most successful dance fitness program in the world. So join the party!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cardio For Proper Heart Rate And Weight Loss

Cardio is well known for it's ability to help you lose weight, stay fit, and promote a healthy life. We all know this basic knowledge about cardio working to maximum heart rate. However, the problem is that many people don't understand the four basic reasons for performing cardio, in regards to targeting different fitness goals through maximum heart pulse.

You need to have an understanding of how to target maximum heart rate and how to get it up enough to hit certain fitness goals. So, let me give you the four main goals people have when dealing with cardio.

Here Are The Four Main Reasons:

-Maintaining overall general health consistently

-Reaching certain weight loss (body fat loss) goals to become lean

-Get to a certain aerobic training point such as certain Fitness Goals

-Reach a point of optimal health through maximum conditioning

Those are the four main reasons many individuals perform cardio and aim to increase their heart rate. Many people have attempted reaching these certain goals, however the problem is that many individuals don't know how to reach those goals and how to get their heart rate at the proper levels to hit those goals.

This is why I'd like to further explain how to reach each of these individual fitness goals through proper cardio and the exact method you need to implement and follow for maximum heart rate conditioning.

How To Calculate Your Maximum Heart Rate

Now the main problem is that many individuals don't know how to calculate their maximum heart pulse. This is where I want to explain how to do it properly and by which method you need to follow. Now for calculating your heart pace, there are two different specifications by which you'll calculate it.

Either you're a man, or you're a woman. So for men, you need to subtract your age from 220, and follow the steps I'll explain later in the article. For woman, you're going to subtract your age from 227 and follow the steps I'm going to explain.

Proper Heart Pulse For Good Overall Health

Many people struggle on a daily basis to even reach the daily minimum amount of exercises needed to maintain basic, overall health. Many of us are below the standard for basic health and need to get much higher if we want to live longer, healthier lives.

So, how do you maintain good overall health through cardio, and how do you calculate it so you know that you're doing it right? Well in order to maintain basic overall, good health, you need to perform enough cardio based off of your maximum heart rate.

It's recommended that you exercises for 40 minutes per day at 50% of your maximum heart pace if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle with little or no problems.

How To Calculate Heart Rate For Good Overall Health

So how do you calculate 50% of your maximum heart rate? Just do what I said initially and subtract your age from 220 if you're a man, and 227 if you're a woman, then you base 50% off of that number.

For example, I'm a 19 year old guy so I would subtract 19 from 220, which would be 201. I would then multiply 201 by.5, which for you non-mathematical individuals, would be equivalent of taking 50% of 201. I would then calculate it out and see that 100.5 would need to be my maximum heart pace that I exercises for 40 minutes a day.

Basically, if I want to maintain overall good health, I would perform cardio for 40 minutes a day with a maximum heart rate of 100.5. This is how I'd calculate to know if I'm getting the proper results our of my cardio exercises for maintaining basic, overall health.

This is how you should be calculating your maximum heart pace every day not to lose weight, but just to maintain a healthy lifestyle that promotes longer life. We'll jump into what it takes for weight loss in just a second.

Proper Heart Rate For Weight Loss

The main question with many individuals looking to lose weight is, "How do I lose weight effectively with cardio?" Many individuals perform cardio, but aren't doing it right or aren't performing the right exercises to target their maximum heart pace.

However, there is an easy way to calculate it out so you know if you really are doing enough cardio, hard enough to lose large quantities of body fat. The recommended amount of cardio you need to do in order to effectively lose as much fat as possible, is to perform cardio exercises 40 minutes for 5-6 days a week.

Though that may sound easy, there is another part to the maximum heart pace equation. You have to calculate how hard you need to work for that allotted time in order to destroy body fat fast. So, along with performing cardio for 40 minutes 5-6 days a week, you need to workout at 65% of your maximum heart rate. Simple right?

How To Calculate Heart Pulse For Effective Fat Loss

Now how do you calculate it so you know that you're working hard enough to truly destroy body fat? All you have to do is subtract your age from 220 if you're a man, or subtract your age from 227 if you're a woman.

Once you do that, you then take 65% of that final number and that is the number your maximum heart pace needs to be. This is the number your heart rate needs to be at during the full cardio workout period, if you really desire to lose body fat extremely fast and naturally.

This is how you need to calculate your maximum heart pace everyday in order to lose that weight you so desire to lose.

Proper Heart Rate For Aerobic Training

Now for those looking to go past normal weight loss, and actually maximize their stamina and endurance dramatically, you can aim for maximum heart rate that promotes proper aerobic training. To perform proper cardio as hard and as long as you need to, you have to exercises 40 minutes 3-5 times a week at 75% of your maximum heart pulse.

This will not only help you lose massive amounts of weight, but it will push you past that "weight loss level" and take your stamina and endurance to an entirely new level.

This is basically for individuals who are pretty fit and healthy, who want to drop a little bit of extra weight. Or, this can be for individuals aiming for high goals, who want to reach those weight loss goals in the least amount of time.

How To Calculate Heart Pace For Aerobic Training

So, how do you know if you're past the average weight loss cardio and are pushing yourself for increased stamina and fitness? Well, all you do here is keep in mind that you're performing cardio for 40 minutes 3-5 times a week at 75% of your maximum heart pace.

The way you calculate this is to subtract your age from 200 if you're a man, or subtract your age from 227 if you're a woman. By doing this, you can calculate what your heart rate needs to be for the entire time that you perform cardio. Then, once you got it figured out and know what your heart rate needs to be, just keep it that way and you'll surpass your normal fitness levels.

Proper Heart Rate For Absolute Maximum Conditioning

Now this is for those individuals looking to aim superbly high and reach goals that they never thought possible. Basically you're aiming to get as fit and healthy as your body will possibly allow for. This builds maximum endurance and stamina for high intensity workouts and activities that involves short, powerful bursts of energy.

For these kind of cardio workouts, you'll be breathing as hard as you possibly can and you'll truly be pushing your body to the limit. There's no limit to how much body fat you can destroy with just one of these cardio workouts.

How To Calculate Heart Rate For Absolute Maximum Conditioning

Now, based on the last three methods, the way to calculate maximum heart pace has stayed pretty much the same. So, since the calculation method has remained stable, what do you think we're going to do to calculate heart rates for maximum conditioning?

Yup, we're going to subtract our age from 220 if we're men, and subtract our age from 227 if you're a woman. Then, the numbers change and you're going to take 85% of that final number, and that will be your heart pace.

Yes, for Ultimate Conditioning (for crazy fitness people) you need to perform cardio workouts at 85% of your maximum heart rate. That is dynamically significant. The reason for this high intensity is that you're training your body to be the absolute best it can be to maintain optimal health and vitality for you.

So, once again you take that final number after doing the math, and that should be your consistent heart rate throughout the entire cardio workouts. Remember this is for individuals looking to get insanely fit and push their bodies to their Ultimate limits, but this does promote insane fat loss and will give you much faster results.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nike Zumba Shoes

Since Zumba is becoming more and more popular, many people start thinking about shoes and clothing that would compliment Zumba fitness workouts while also helping get the most from the training and avoid injuries. I would say that the most important part of Zumba outfit is the shoes. Zumba is highly intensive training which requires intensive legwork, and the more comfortable and suitable for such kind of activity your shoes are, the better.

I have been practicing Zumba for 2 years and tried many Zumba shoes - Z, Ryka, Bloch... you name it... All in all I like Nike the best. Their shoes are just more comfortable, as for me.

My first pair of Nike Zumba shoes were Musique III. That was a great shoe - it looked gorgeous (like suede), and felt very comfy. Nike Musique have sliding pads on the sole as well as cushioned heel, so it makes great shock absorption. Recently Nike released an updated version, Nike Musique IV which are even more comfortable, as they combine synthetic leather with mesh. That makes them not only highly breathable, but also makes the foot fit perfectly and cushions it.

The second Nike choice I would make is Nike Shox. These are very lightweight and comfortable, however I don't like how they look. The heel seems too fancy for me. But if you don't pay attention to the look (or like the way they look), they would be a great choice for your workout - they are very comfortable, cushion the feet and absorb the shock from jumping and other Zumba moves.

For those who would like to combine training and dancing sneakers all in one try Nike Zoom Sister. Although generally it's not recommended to wear training sneakers for Zumba class, these don't have excessive traction, so they don't interfere with sliding movements. These shoes combine several technologies from Nike - Flywire for lightweight support, and Nike+ to help track your progress. Nike Zoom Sister will suit any fitness activity, as they allow moving front, back or side-to-side while keeping your feet stable in whatever position.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Aerobic Exercise

Most people assume that aerobic exercise is specifically suited for women's fitness the same way that weight lifting appears more suitable for men's fitness. What few people realize, however, is that this form of exercise is essential to both men and women. There are many other misconceptions about cardio that have been circulating in public, but hopefully the facts below will serve to enlighten you about the real deal behind this type of exercise.

Aerobic exercises do not always consist of dancing routines

A lot of guys understandably shy away from aerobic exercise because most types of it seem to be just another form of dancing. You have to understand, however, that dancing-like routines are not all there is to aerobics. It may only seem like that way because women largely make up the population in your fitness club, and as such your fitness club is just offering what the majority wants.

If so, you can sign up for a personal training program that could introduce you to others and more "manly" types of exercise that will work you heart and lungs like boxing or kickboxing. Also, if it makes any difference, "cardiorespiratory, cardiovascular exercises or cardio" is just another term for aerobics. You could always refer to your routine as such if it makes you feel any better.

Aerobic exercise is essential to your health

No matter how young or - err - mature you are, cardiovascular exercise will always prove critical and beneficial to your health. Aerobic exercises are exercises that require you to perform a certain routine or activity continuously and following a certain rhythm as well. They help improve your heart rate and the overall health of your heart. They also improve your metabolism as well as oxygen distribution in your body.

Know when to go longer - or harder

Beginners are advised to start with aerobic exercises of moderate intensity for a short period of time. They can then gradually lengthen the period of their exercise until they have sufficiently built their stamina for it. Beginners are typically advised to start with a ten-minute routine and gradually adding ten more minutes to their routine as they improve. You should up the ante and go harder if you feel that your body is no longer having a hard time coping with the demands of your exercise routine. Make sure to switch back to a short ten-minute routine every time you increase your intensity level.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Acupuncture and Fertility

With the success rates of acupuncture in treating infertility so high it's a wonder why every women who is struggling wouldn't consider it. Acupuncture studies have proven acupuncture to increase IVF efficacy rates to 50% and for those who have tried everything, acupuncture has fulfilled the dreams of many once childless couples. Acupuncture has been used for fertility issues for thousands of years. The Emperor would employ acupuncturist to come to the palaces and ensure the wife and concubines produced healthy heirs. In the 21st Century we are seeing both an increase in fertility issues and women choosing to conceive later in life. Many couples who struggle to get pregnant eventually seek out professional help and are advised to employ fertility drugs or other Assisted Reproductive Technologies namely IVF and IUI. The question is what is acupuncture's role in helping a woman conceive?

When we learn the intricacies of the female reproductive system and understand the gentle cascade of rhythmic hormonal flows that must occur in perfect orchestration, we realize conception truly is a wonder. In this beautiful primal process it doesn't take something serious to throw it off. It can be that the hormones in the meat you are eating are altering your estrogen and testosterone levels. That in turn can begin to alter the levels and cycles of other hormones necessary for normal follicular, ovulatory and luteal cycles. Or it can be that the stress you are dealing with at work is altering pH levels of your cervical mucus and making it hostile to sperm. Or it can be that you are dealing with unknown food sensitivities that are creating a compromised immune system making it difficult for your body to support a pregnancy. There are a myriad of other possibilities. Acupuncturist who treat reproductive issues are trained to detect underlying issues in both the Western and Eastern Medical perspective.

Acupuncture understands how to detect even subtle imbalances. More importantly it knows how to address those imbalances so that the body is restored to homeostasis and conception and pregnancy can occur. In an example, by observing a woman with a pale complexion, puffiness of the face and complaints of tiredness and poor digestive health an acupuncturist may assess that the spleen qi is deficient which affects proper blood production and quality. This in turn can affect the quality and thickness of the endometrial lining which is needed for successful embryo implantation. An acupuncturist can detect how a yin imbalance in the body is not allowing for sufficient fertile cervical fluid which is needed for the proper transport of sperm to egg. Having an understanding and way to address subtle and not so subtle imbalances can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of natural conception or that which is aided by IVF.

Couples who are regularly treated with acupuncture find that their health often greatly improves. Because Acupuncture is a system of medicine that works to bring balance to the entire system there is an overall improvement on the physical, mental and emotional level. The stress that accompanies fertility issues can be quite taxing on couples. This anxiety and worry gets addressed and benefits greatly from acupuncture with its calming effect on the nervous system. With IVF treatments the health and thickness of the endometrial lining can be addressed and treated with acupuncture which in turn significantly increases (50%) the chance of proper implantation of the embryo. Acupuncture increases blood to the ovaries which improves their functioning and nourishes developing follicles. Acupuncture helps with implantation by reducing uterine spasming. Acupuncture prepares the body for conception and supports the body during pregnancy by treating morning sickness, excess edema and works to prevent possible miscarriage; and is used to aid in a healthy delivery and is a wonderful postpartum support.

In conclusion, acupuncture and an Acupuncturist's role in reproductive health is a vital one. An acupuncturist who treats fertility issues will teach you when your most fertile time is and give you diet and lifestyle advice. The acupuncture will be increasing blood flow to the ovaries, thickening the endometrial lining, addressing hormonal imbalances, healing PMS and giving the body a better foundation in which to have a healthy and thriving pregnancy.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tai Yin Meridians and Connections

When using a meridian based perspective to pattern identification we need a thorough understanding of the relationships between the meridians. For the tai yin meridians (LU and SP) we find that they connect to the yang ming, tai yang, and the liver and small intestine.

According to Zang Fu Bei Tong Theory the tai yin connects to the tai yang. In this theory the LU connects to the UB and the SP connects to the SI. We find the practical association between the LU and UB in the energetic functions of the acupuncture points LU 5 and LU 7. Lung 5 is the water point of the LU meridian and it functions to benefit the UB, while also descending water to the bladder. Lung 7 opens the Ren mai, which opens and passes through the region of the UB. This makes the combination of LU 5 and LU 7 very important for a wide range of bladder conditions.

The connection between the SP and SI is also an important relationship that is best seen in the way in which the points Tian Huang and Shen Guan may be used for treating shoulder pain in the region of the SI meridian. These points come from Master Tung and are located on the SP meridian.

Returning to our discussion of the tai yin - tai yang association, we find that various points on the SP and LU meridians may be used for treating tai yang conditions. Points on the LU meridian that can treat pain in the UB bladder meridian include: 22.01, 22.02, and 33.13. Points on the SP meridian that treat the tai yang include: 77.17, 77.18, 77.19, and 77.21.

A client with a tai yin - tai yang pattern would manifest with top health concerns involving the spine, back, spleen, and/or lungs. This is a common pattern we see in clinic as there are large numbers of people that have spinal conditions. When symptoms occur in the back, spine, or tai yang channels, a tai yin - tai yang pattern may be identified when they also present with lung and/or spleen signs and symptoms.

The connection between the primary yin and the yang ming is defined by the internal-external relationships that exist between the LU and LI and between the SP and ST. When we compound these associations we can identify what can be called a tai yin - yang ming pattern. The tai yin - yang ming pattern is characterized by digestive symptoms that occur with underlying spleen and/or lung imbalances.

The mutual appearance of digestive and respiratory symptoms is quite common and appears in food allergies, Candida, immune deficiency, and external invasions. Therefore, whenever digestive complaints occur with lung signs and symptoms we should consider using the tai yin and yang ming meridians for treatment.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Acupuncture and Chronic Pain Management

From post-surgery and debilitating medical conditions to migraine headaches and natural aging people have to deal with all kinds of pain. Common areas of chronic pain include the back, neck, joints and shoulders where people will complain of quick sharp pains to dull and lengthy pain that inhibits their daily activities. There are many ways to treat pain including surgery, drug therapy and the alternative healing method known as acupuncture. If you have tried surgery or medication to treat pain and have little or no success you may want to consider acupuncture treatment that has proven to be successful in treating many types of pain conditions.

A national survey recently discovered over 25% of Americans report experiencing pain that lasts for more than one day. Everyone will have sudden pain due to a number of causes but when pain lasts for days on end and forces someone to miss work because they can't get out of bed due to shooting back pains then it's time to seek out treatment. Some people may experience pain due to a recent injury or have had a debilitating condition worsen over the years. For many living with pain is just a part of life but often this pain can become too intense to ignore and will require some form of medical attention. From over the counter drugs such as Advil or Tylenol to prescription medications and rehabilitation people have a number of choices for managing pain.

Though there is some skepticism from doctors and other professionals in medicine about the success of acupuncture it is actually the oldest known form of healing in the world. Originating in China over 3,000 years ago the practice of strategically placing fine needles on specific pressure points on the body to re-direct energy and improve the internal balance has helped many people deal with all kinds of pain. Though the success rate varies the same can be said about surgery and drug therapy. Not everyone who has reconstructive surgery or takes a specific form of medication eliminates chronic back and neck pain. Acupuncture is considered an alternative healing therapy and many people will try it to avoid the high cost of hospital bills and expensive medications.

Results of the success of acupuncture treatment vary depending on the patient and the condition. Acupuncture is regularly used to treat migraine headaches, chronic lower back pain, menstrual cramps, Carpal tunnel syndrome and Tennis elbow. By stimulating specific points on the human body, most often by inserting the needle through the skin, acupuncturists try to regulate the flow of vital energy, or 'qi', along a series of pathways called meridians. While some patients may not experience any noticeable change others have attributed acupuncture with eliminating chronic pain completely. As studies indicate, believing in the practice can have a significant impact on whether or not it works. Of course, the same holds true with medications and has been proven through case studies done with placebos. If you are trying to manage recurring pain and want to try a less costly method of treatment than surgery or prescription drugs, look into acupuncture.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Information For Individuals Suffer From Acne Breakouts

To help reduce your pimples and acne scars, eat fewer milk products and less red meat. These food types are difficult for the body to digest, and consequently limit the body's capacity to dispose of waste products proficiently. Excess waste will then be released through the skin, causing acne. A mild intolerance to dairy can also lead to acne.

If you want a natural way to get eliminate acne, try this. Peel from the lime an orange and after that flatten out the lemon peel with a coming pin. Then apply the flattened peel off to your acne. The natural compounds in the peel off should help to clear your skin up. On top of that, you can have a healthy treat while you do it!

One of the better ways to deal with acne breakouts can be to see a skin doctor. The dermatologist can especially tell you ways to take care of acne that is in your skin without creating any further problems down the road. The dermatologist may also be capable of prescribe special topical cream medications or prescription antibiotics that can eliminate acne breakouts. It is always good to try a natural acne solution by finding the best acne products.

If you have a single big pimple that you want to reduce, you can apply a smashed orange peel directly to the spot. The citrus fruit oils will help minimize redness and bring around the swelling faster. Nonetheless, orange peel should be used sparingly, to avoid overly drying out the skin.

If you are having difficulty using acne, it is important to reveal yourself to as much the sun and fresh air as you possibly can. Sunshine causes the body to produce vitamin Deb, which is a crucial element in healthy skin color. Fresh air helps to reduce stress which also causes skin problems.

If you are having antibiotics for your pimples, be sure to take a quality probiotic as well. Antibiotics kill the organic bacteria that live inside digestive system, leading to very poor digestion and other issues. Probiotics will replace these types of lost bacteria which will help prevent your body from struggling with a lack of necessary microorganisms.

Heal your acne breakouts with the help of carrots. Beta-carotene, or perhaps vitamin A, is responsible for fixing and maintaining your skin's tissue, and helping to reduce the production of surplus sebum. It also helps the body to get rid of toxins, therapeutic your skin from within. The truth is, a Vitamin A deficit can cause unwanted acne outbreaks, so eat your own carrots!

One great, delicious way to get gone acne is to replacement more fruit in your diet. This proven approach will help your face clean up in no time. You can make drinks for breakfast or lunch time or just mix in a number of strawberries into your greens to make a fantastic dinner.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Benefits of Acupuncture

An ancient practice that dates back nearly 3,000 years, the practice of acupuncture has become more popular as people with debilitating conditions and pain seek out alternative healing therapies to replace surgery and drug treatment. While Western science and medicine are still the go-to methods for treating many illnesses and health abnormalities, Chinese Herbal Medicine and the practice of acupuncture have seen steady increase in participation as people face rising health care costs that make many surgeries and drug treatments unaffordable. Whether one fully believes in the re-channeling of body energy, or qi, there are indications that acupuncture therapy has benefits when done properly by a licensed practitioner.

The main benefit to choosing a holistic approach to an illness or chronic back pain is the cost. Health insurance has been skyrocketing the past few years and many families have found themselves in severe debt because of hospital bills. People who don't have medical insurance through an employer are practically priced out of receiving care due to the cost. With alternative healing therapies such as acupuncture the cost for treatment is much less than surgery or drug therapies. While critics may argue the legitimacy and success of acupuncture a patient runs the same risks with traditional medical treatments that also can't promise 100% recovery or a cure. Having an affordable option when it comes to pain management and disease is a great benefit for families that can't afford health insurance.

Though acupuncture has not been fully embraced by the medical establishment, clinical trials have proven this method of treatment to be successful in treating many conditions including pain management, respiratory disorders, asthma and neurological disorders including paralysis after a stroke. People who practice Chinese Herbal Medicine believe that illness and disease is a result of the blocking of energy in the human body and that acupuncture can help "unclog" the movement of energy and allow the body to heal itself through a return to balance. By strategically placing fine needles at certain meridian points on the body related to specific symptoms. In addition to treating a disease or illness, acupuncture also benefits the overall health of a patient and helps to boost the immune system to prevent future sickness.

Lastly, acupuncture can also benefit in the weaning off of drugs and prescription medications. Often used in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, acupuncture treatment has also been used to help patients recover from surgery and treat an illness without having to resort to costly medications that have unintended side effects that can make a bad situation worse. Today's society has grown comfortable with the idea that a pill can cure everything and this reliance on medication has actually made the human immune system weaker since it is not naturally fighting off germs and bacteria. By using acupuncture therapy you can bypass expensive drug treatments that also can't guarantee success and in many cases lead to a patient being dependent on a specific drug.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pimples on the Face

Acne and pimples are very common on the face and especially if you are going through puberty.

What exactly is acne?

What are acne and pimples? This may be a question you have pondered to yourself a time or two. Acne is a condition of the skin where bumps will show up. Sometimes these bumps are different in different people. Usually these bumps are either blackheads, whiteheads or pimples, otherwise known as cysts. Thank God that pimples only hang around through most people's teenage years.

The most common kind of acne breakout is called acne vulgaris. This name does sound terrible, but it isn't nearly as bad as it may sound.

The hair follicles in your skin contain sebaceous glands that produce oil. This oil is called sebum and it helps lubricate your skin and hair. Hormones can stimulate these sebaceous glands to make more sebum. When this happens, breakouts of pimples and acne can occur. When the wall of the pore opens it can let in dirt and bacteria and get clogged, this is a pimple.

If the pores then get clogged up but stay open, this is called a blackhead. If a clogged pore opens too deep in the skin it can cause what is called a nodule, and this is very painful.

Things to do to prevent acne:

* Wash and cleanse your face regularly and every night before bedtime 
* Try your best to keep hair spray and hair gels away from your face. These products often contain oils. 
* If you exercise, be sure to cleanse your face afterward. Sweat can cause you to have clogged pores and acne. 
* Look for skin lotions and products that are noncomedogenic. This means that they won't clog your pores. 
* Also some people benefit from over the counter acne medications to help with their breakouts. 
* Many people have acne so seriously, that they have to visit a dermatologist for treatment. Sometimes you may need to have a prescription medication prescribed for severe cases.

Eating nutritiously and taking good care of your body can in turn help your skin to be healthy and radiant. If you take the time to do these important things for your skin, you will notice less breakouts and a clear and more vibrant complexion. Many people ignore their skin thinking it isn't important, but the epidermis is the largest organ in the body. Be sure to take good care of yours.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Seven Easy Tips to Get Rid of Acne

Acne is a problem that so many people all over the world have. It affects about 9 out of 10 teenage boys and girls. Most people are troubled by their acne. Worst cases of acne have caused many people to lose their self-esteem and confidence. A lot of people afflicted by this problem would travel long lengths just to find out how to get rid of acne. There are a lot of creams and ointments that claim to remove acne, but most of these products do not live up to their promises. How can you actually get rid of acne?

1. Get enough sleep. One of the worst effects of lack of sleep to your skin is acne. Lack of rest reduces your immunity and therefore makes you vulnerable to infection. Lack of sleep also raises your body's stress levels, thereby, causing your hormones to be thrown out of balance.

2. Eat right. People with bad eating habits are prone to various skin disorders like acne. The health of your skin is based on the overall health of your body. A healthy body equals healthy skin. The best way to stay healthy is to eat a balanced diet. However, skin experts believe that a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is good for the skin.

3. Drink an adequate amount of water. If you have already been to a doctor or a dermatologist, then you should have already been told that 8 glasses of water a day is recommended. Enough water in your body helps in the better functioning of your systems. Sufficient water intake helps in proper elimination of waste and promotes better skin health. Well-hydrated skin allows easy shedding of dead skin cells, lowering chances of blocked pores, which later lead to acne.

4. Cleanse your face daily. Acne is usually due to oily skin and clogged pores. One solution is to remove facial oil, which attracts dirt, through proper washing. Dermatologists may recommend antibacterial facial wash products that remove oil and unclog pores. However, these strong products may have a drying effect on the skin. Your skin may respond to drying by pumping more oil, thus, helping in the formation of more blackheads and pimples. If this happens, change your facial wash. Or better yet, go to your dermatologist for proper guidance. Many people can do with warm water and a mild cleanser. Washing the face should be done twice a day. That's your acne free treatment tip.

5. Stop touching your skin. Your hands are the dirtiest parts of your body. They touch anything and catch bacteria easily. Touching your face introduces bacteria to your skin that bore the pores and may cause infection.

6. Run. Jog. Play basketball. Any form of exercise helps improve your blood circulation, allowing nutrients and oxygen to be distributed evenly throughout your body, including your skin. This is probably why you see that glow that comes after you hit the gym or run a mile. Exercise also releases stress-fighting chemicals in the body. The result will be healthier skin!

7. Know your skin. A lot of people buy medications or facial care products without understanding the type of skin they have. Acne products may be especially formulated for people with just oily, non-sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive, make sure to get the right acne remedy, lest you would aggravate the acne problem.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dry Ice Acne Treatment - Preparation And Recovery Tips

Some acne disorders can be treated by dermatologists with the use of dry ice. This method of treating acne is commonly referred to as slush therapy. A dry ice acne treatment is typically performed in the labs of dermatologists for facial acne only. This process can help to significantly reduce acne scars. This works by shrinking the facial pores. This process can have a tremendous benefit on the overall condition and health of the skin.

You will first need to schedule an appointment with a reputable dermatologist in order to learn more about how this method of treating facial and acne-related scars works. You should also research the potential risks and complications that are known to be associated with using this method of treatment.

You can begin preparing yourself and your skin for this type of acne and acne scar treatment right at home, just one week prior to receiving a course of therapy to reduce the likelihood of future breakouts. This method of treating facial acne even be used in conjunction with a skin cleansing routine that is soap-free. There are generally harsh detergents present in most soaps along with perfumes that can actually exacerbate acne and worsen its condition by increasing the production of sebum.

Your preparation efforts should include the avoidance of oily skin-care products such as lotions and creams as well as powders and cosmetics that are oil-based. The decision to stop using these products will help to prevent future clogging issues in your pores and will alleviate excess productions of oil and sebum.

You work in preparing your skin is vital, as it will ultimately determine the success of this type of therapy.

Recommendations for your acne treatment:

As the dermatologist begins using this special solution to treat your acne and acne scars it is important that you cooperate to the fullest in order to ensure that the procedure is a success. The dermatologist will place a three-inch cube of dry ice into a cheesecloth ad then pound it with a hammer until it is properly ground up. The resulting mass is then deposited into a solution of 65 OP alcohol.

You should allow your doctor to carefully apply the solution to all of the affected areas on your face. This process is only effective if the patient allows the solution to remain on the face for the recommended period of time, based upon skin type and acne conditions.

Following your acne therapy you will need to visit with the doctor as recommended. It may be necessary to take either probiotics or antibiotics that have been prescribed by your dermatologist in order to facilitate faster healing and recovery. These things will also lessen your likelihood for developing an infection in the treated areas as they heal.

Treating facial acne in this fashion can be quite painful. Most individuals who use this method feel a burning, stinging sensation. The face can be expected to bleed and is likely to redden and swell considerably after the procedure is performed, making cortisone injections necessary.

People can anticipate having blisters develop after treatment which may be either purple or red as the result of bleeding. These will heal and scabs will begin to form, however, it is common to experience pain during this portion of the healing process and people may even see yellow discharge in the treated areas. Your doctor will likely provide you with a course of antibiotics to take in order to stave off infection.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Does Drinking Water Clear Acne Scars?


Does drinking water help clear acne scars? This is a question many people who have developed acne and acne scars. They ask this as they look to clear up their acne and the scars acne has caused.

Acne And Water

The question about if water can clear up acne scars probably developed because water is known to help people control their acne. The role water plays in controlling acne is by flushing the body of acne toxins.

But unfortunately, once you have developed acne scars, starting to consume water will not help in clearing up the scars.

But all is not lost; there are ways to clear up acne scars. You need to determine what type of scarring you have and then find the best way to clear up that type of scarring.

Acne Scars

There are five types of scars that have been identified. They are:

The Boxcar - These scars are oval with steep sides and are usually on the temples or/and cheeks.
The Ice Pick- Scars like this look like they were formed by an ice pick. They look like pits and are small and deep. These are the most common type of acne scars received.
Keloid Scars- These are tissue masses that occur at the site of the infection. Usually raised and red in color.
Rolling Scars- These appear as waves on the face because they are shallow in-depth but wide.
Other than trying to drink water to remove your acne scars, there are some proven methods to clear up your skin. Some of these methods are:

Fractional Laser Therapy- Your dermatologist using a laser performs this. It removes the damaged skin in fractions which will clear up your scars.
Pock Mark Filler- These are provided over the counter and are best for scars that have mild depressions.
Chemical Peels- These will remove the dead skin and expose fresh skin gradually removing the visibility of your scars.
Honey- Try putting honey on your scars a few times a day. Let the honey dry on the blemishes and scars and then after about 20 minutes rinse with warm water. Not only will it clear up your blemishes, but will also remove your scars.
The best way to remove your scaring is to minimize the acne you get by cleansing your face twice a day. But if you do have scarring, visit your dermatologist to get professional advice.