Thursday, February 21, 2013

Aging Means Keeping Bodies Healthy

Staying healthy as you age is not just a matter of physical health, it also about mental health and having enthusiasm for life. Aging is a process that brings about major life changes, whether you want it to or not. You will not look or feel the same; more people that you love will pass on, and you will probably enter retirement. Some people look at these changes in the context of time is running out, especially when issues with their kidneys, bones or other body parts go awry. What you should really be thinking, is that retirement gives you free time to enjoy life, learn new things, go new places, and do all the things that you never had time for before.
Fearing Change
Change is not easy for anyone, and for some these changes that come with age are the hardest of all. It really is one of the periods of your life, which brings the most major changes. The attitude with which you approach this part of your life can greatly affect your physical and mental health. That attitude will also determine whether you spend this time really living or just biding time and waiting for whatever comes next. Some of this fear of change has been generated by myths about aging. Most of these myths are accepted as factual, when the truth is that nothing could be farther from the truth. For example:
        Now that you are aging, all you have to look forward to is health problems and even disability. – This is pure and simple hogwash. While there are some illnesses and diseases that are more prevalent as you age, if you are a healthy, active person, there is no reason for you to contract these diseases and disabilities; nothing is inevitable.  You definitely don’t need to fear kidney transplants, renal failure or anything else society deems appropriate to gossip about.
        Now that you are aging, you will never feel good any more. This is one of the worst negative myths. There is no reason why you should feel any worse than you did yesterday or last week. Besides, now that you have more time for you, and to devote to a healthy diet and exercise, there is no reason that you should not feel better than ever!
        Your memory will be the next thing to go. – Poppycock! Nutrition and exercise are what the brain needs to stay healthy. Your brain can always learn new things, and there are many tactics for retaining the health of your brain.
        You are not able to change your life at this late date; you are stuck with what you’ve got. – Wrong, wrong and wrong! This is the perfect time to change everything about your life if your heart desires it. Once you have retired and do not have that regular daily 9 to 5 routine, you are free to go anywhere and do anything you like. Try going back to school, join clubs, travel, or even move to some exotic place. The sky is the limit!
There will always be stress, sadness and disappointment in life; it’s just all part of the game of life. It may be different as you age, but that doesn’t mean it is any worse than it ever was. Challenges make you stronger, teach you coping skills, and they increase your resilience to stress. Remember to keep fluids always down the hatch since kidney transplant surgery isn’t usually given to excessively old individuals.
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