Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cellulean Reviews: An In-Depth Look at Cellulean

This post is not one of those reviews on Cellulean, which touts Cellulean to be the most effective anti cellulite solution found today. I understand the effects of Cellulean can differ from person to person. So I've included necessary information in this post to help you decide if Cellulean is the right choice for you.

Before we discuss further, I'd like to bring your attention to the fact that Cellulean is not a miracle cure for cellulite. So I urge you not to expect results overnight when you go in to buy Cellulean. It'll take patience and persistence on your side to help Cellulean work. Most experts and actual users recommend using Cellulean regularly in combination with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

After signing up for the free trial offer, I waited expectantly because frankly speaking I had tried everything in my attempt to shift the cellulite and all to no avail. I had tried numerous diets and embarked on different exercise programs, and even tried some creams.

Don't get me wrong, I did get some benefit from dieting, eating healthy and exercising but there got a point below which I did not lose weight and then I realised that cellulite is typically very difficult to shift.

The components include green tea, vitamin A, vitamin E, caffeine, capsaicin, allantoin and horsetail extract to mention a few. In fact the other components work synergistically, such that the combined effect of having them is greater than the effect of each individual component on its own. These components have resulted in a product that the company claims is up to seven times as powerful as others in the market. It is easy to apply, being a cream; it has a fresh menthol smell and is suitable for use by men and women alike.

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